Mother’s Day Mystery: A Live Staged Reading!

This “Live Staged Reading” of an original RADIO PLAY will be in some ways similar, and in other ways wholly different, to anything South Shore Stageworks has done in the past.  As with all our previous productions, this show will be an SSS ORIGINAL, written explicitly for our performers by Tim Hayes and Ty Lemerande.  However, the PRODUCTION of this original content will be something new for us.  This show will be presented as a LIVE STAGED READING, much like the concert versions of famous musicals that you may have seen recently.  Students will have their scripts in hand while the performance is performed (& “recorded”) LIVE before our “studio” audience in Sanborn Auditorium.

But WHY would we do this, you ask?!  A couple of reasons.  First, the ability to “act” effectively while READING FROM A SCRIPT is a skill vital to any actor who has ever had to “blindly” audition for a role.  Some actors simply cannot do it without a lot of practice.  But once perfected, those who have had this training can deliver a performance so MESMERIZING that those watching forget about the paper in the auditioner’s hand and are transported into the realm of IMAGINATION.  And THAT, Dear Thespian, is how you GET THE PART!  


Second, memorizing lines can be difficult for young performers, especially with so much other “stuff” going on during the school year.  By eliminating this added stress, we hope to find time to really delve into the areas that can truly elevate a young actor’s performance: PACE, TONE, DICTION, PROJECTION, to name just a few.  Acting is about so much more than walking and talking, it is about a CONNECTION TO THE TEXT and to each other.  And THAT is what we hope to get from our latest offering at South Shore Stageworks: an in-depth analysis of text, a complex examination of language and how it works — and a VIBRANT LIVE PERFORMANCE to cap it all off!  JOIN US!


$325 Per Performer for nearly 3 months of in-depth exploration.

  • $50 off each additional sibling.
  • Installment options available.
  • Payment via Check, Credit Card or Cash at auditions.
  • Financial assistance available.